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Surveys With A Side Of Laughs

Mindless Fun For EVERYONE!

Surveys, trivia and this or that- each one will earn you 25 WayBucks and maybe some new insights into everything from insulin to basketball! 

Be the diabetes hero when you share facts versus fiction!

There are so many untruths or misconceptions about diabetes. Take the quiz to learn or "unlearn" some of the truths behind diabetes.

The When, Why, How and What of Checking Blood Sugar

Checking blood sugar is an essential piece to managing diabetes. However, the number you see on the meter or cgm is valuable only if we understand when to check and the variables that may impact the results. 

So many things impact blood sugar, from food to stress, temperature and exercise- these are just a few of the variables that can impact the numbers!


Just a half century ago, people with diabetes used urine on strips of special paper to check blood sugar. Diabetes devices have evolved to a point that we can monitor blood sugar in real time and dose insulin according to algorithms. 

Take the survey to see what you know about the basics of diabetes devices and 100% guaranteed you'll bank 25 WayBucks!

Take the latest survey- Let us know how you trash your diabetes and earn 25 WayBucks while you're at it!

While we can't dispose of diabetes (and geesh do we often wish we could!!), we do need to dispose of all the waste that diabetes leaves behind. 

Take the latest survey and let us know how you bin the betes and earn 25 WayBucks while you're at it!


Insulins perform with unique timing or "profiles" to help manage blood glucose throughout the day. While some insulins take a longer time to "get going" and last longer in the body, others are pretty speedy in lowering blood sugar. 
Take the survey and "Dose Si Do" your way to a better understanding of dosing insulin and 25 WayBucks!

Understanding The Types of Diabetes

To better understand diabetes, it helps to be knowledgeable of the different types as well as what makes them similar and unique in diagnosis, management and treatment options. 
Take a quick survey to get to know your basic types!

Are Costs A Roadblock To Managing Diabetes?

Is cost a prohibitive factor in managing your diabetes? Take the survey and know that you're not alone. Attached to each question are resources that might help ease the financial burden. 

Team Dave or Team Amber?

Let us know who you think is going to come out on top in our March Madness Pool.

March Madness Trivia

March Madness is here and we’ve got some court side trivia to help you sound like that NCAA expert in the check out line. We hope you have a little fun while taking your best “shot” at the surveys, and that we’ve put you in the spirit of buzzer beaters and Cinderella stories.

Rookie Guesswork or Super Bowl Sleuth, Let's Hear Those Predictions!

Pour over the stats, shake a Magic 8-Ball or read some tea leaves. Whatever your go to for guesswork, let's hear those Super Bowl predictions (regardless of the outcome, YOU win with 25 WayBucks).

The Super Bowl is About So Much More Than the Score.

The Food, The Fun, The Entertainment! A Super Bowl survey for those of us that love everything about game day but don't know a goal post from a down.

Super Bowl Trivia for the Football Fanatics

Brush up on your Super Bowl Savviness ahead of the big game and be the real party MVP. 

Simple Stats About You!

Just a few basics to learn a little about our TWD community.

How Do You Manage Diabetes?

There are so many different ways to manage diabetes, what are your current methods?

Healthy Habits to Support Every Body

Beyond checking blood sugars, there are so many things we can do that help support our overall health.

Does technology help you manage diabetes?

Diabetes technology continues to evolve. How does it impact your Diabetes Lifestyle?

Your Thoughts on Diabetes Research

We often hear a cure for diabetes is around the corner,  just "Five More Years". For many, decades have come and gone while the research continues.  What are your thoughts on efforts in diabetes research?