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The Only Bad Question...

Is The One You Didn't Ask

No Such Thing as a Bad Question! Whether you've been diagnosed with diabetes or have been touched by diabetes supporting someone you love, diabetes comes with A LOT of questions. We're 100% certain that if you have a question- someone else has been wondering too...

Top Questions

Q: Is type 2 diabetes reversible?

A: The simple answer is no, type 2 diabetes is not reversible.

However, it's not that cut and dry. While it can be possible through diet and exercise to reduce or even eliminate medications used to manage diabetes, a person will generally need to continue to monitor blood sugar and may have a need to return to medications previously used or even add additional medications to the arsenal. 

There are many who claim to have "reversed" type 2 diabetes completely and others who claim that magic shakes, pills or powders will without a doubt, "reverse" diabetes. These are generally vast over statements which can lead to frustration and even jeopardize health.

For many people with type 2 diabetes, even when incorporating positive health changes, medications will remain an essential part of their diabetes management plan. Every person with diabetes will manage their blood sugar differently, and the only best way, is the way that works for you or the person you care for. Insulin or adding other medications should never be seen as a failure, but instead as a tool to feel better.  

While not a definitive yes or no, like so many things in diabetes there are multiple factors which make simple yes and no answers difficult. The only absolute here is that doing what it takes to keep blood sugars in a healthy range is the ultimate goal for everyone. 

Q: Are fungal infections common in people with diabetes?

A: Yes, not only can people with diabetes experience fungal infections, skin issues can be one of the first signs of diabetes.  

Fungal infections- due in part to the yeast-like fungus- Candida albicans, may cause itchy red rashes surrounded by blisters and scales. These infections can be commonly found in warm, moist areas or folds of skin. The American Diabetes Association lists breasts, areas around the nails, between the fingers and toes, in corners of the mouth, under the foreskin, the armpits and groin as common areas that are prone to fungal infections. 

Common fungal infections include athlete's foot, ringworm, vaginal infections and jock itch. 

Contact your health care provider if you believe you are experiencing any of these signs or symptoms. Promptly attending to skin issues is essential if you are living with diabetes- nipping it in the bud can prevent skin infections to progressing to a point where more aggressive treatment may be needed. 

If you are struggling to afford a provider, please click here to search the data base for free or low cost providers in your area. 

All Questions

Q: Is there anywhere I can donate my extra Trulicity?

A: Prescription medications can be tricky to donate because they are medications prescribed to an individual. 

This is such a great question and so thoughtful to think of others. There are so many people living with diabetes who are in need of medication and supplies. The best option would be to check with local diabetes organizations Like the ADA and JDRF as well as local clinics and diabetes education centers as they are usually specific to each city/area. You might even start with your own physician/clinic. Accepted diabetes supplies vary by organization and vary from lancets to insulin pumps. It never hurts to ask!

To find a local chapter of the American Diabetes Association click here

To find a local JDRF chapter click here

You can also check with local animal shelters!

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