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April 7, 2022

Being a member has its perks… Sign-up to support people living with and touched by diabetes.

Today’s awesome guest known for her many distinctions is Angella White, MS-DEDM, RN, CDCES. For today’s episode, we will be talking about her program called PEEPS for people diagnosed with Diabetes. Angella’s astounding educational background is backed-up by her sister’s life and her personal journey.
Here’s more about Angella:
Angella is originally from Jamaica, where she began her career in nutrition to focus on how various foods impact health. She had experienced the tragic loss of her sister to diabetes and wanted to study how diet affected the disorder. After moving to the US, Angella taught restaurant occupations for Riverside School District and later partnered with her cousin to open the award-winning restaurant "Tropical Grill" in Corona, California. Over the years, Angella's passion for food transitioned her experience from restaurant owner to Diabetes Educator; she gave up the restaurant and teaching to begin her career in nursing and fulfill her aspiration of becoming a diabetes educator.
Angella is now board-certified diabetes care and education specialist (CDCES) and has completed a Master of Science in Diabetes Education and Management (MS-DEDM) at Teachers College, Columbia University. In addition, she has almost ten years of experience in the Native American community, where she was passionate about teaching people how to live well with diabetes. As a result, she founded the PEEPS™ (Peers Educating, Empowering, and Providing Support) online diabetes education and certification program ( PEEPS™ is a learning platform where just about anyone can become a Certified Diabetes Peer Educator with the ability to help themselves, their loved ones, and their community to live well with diabetes.
Stay tuned until the end of the episode, and join us on this journey to know more about the diabetes way!

[00:01 - 07:07] Opening Segment
How David and Amber met Angella 
Why Angella pursues this kind of profession
Sonia was like a mother to Angella
Losing Sonia deeply pained Angella
Angella pursued many paths
Their family itself is ridden with Diabetes

[07:08 - 09:41] Fighting the Diabetes stigma
David shares a story about his friend
Attention: Diabetes is not a transmissible disease
The times are different then and now

[09:42 - 21:25] What PEEPS is all about
How Angella got to where she is today
What she is very passionate about
Is this program demographic specific?
It must be individualized to the patient
How it works for the patients
Is fear common for those diagnosed?
Bandaids don’t fix the problem

[21:26 - 25:17] Closing Segment
3 piece of advice for Diabetes patients from Angella
You are a person living with diabetes, not the other way around
Final Words 
Shoot Angella an email at [email protected]

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