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May 4, 2022

Being a member has its perks… Sign-up to support people living with and touched by diabetes.

Can you imagine being diagnosed with type one diabetes in the middle of an important show or event? In this episode, Kyle Banks shares his story of how he went from touring with The Lion King to living with type 1 diabetes using insulin injections. Kyle talks about the struggles he faced when starting to live with diabetes, and how Dexcom G6 helped him to better understand his blood sugar levels and manage his stress. He also discloses some tips for people living with diabetes on a budget, and how diet can play a role in managing the condition. His goal is to assist as many individuals and families as he can toward the road to better health and wellness.
 Kyle is an actor, vocalist, and all-around music enthusiast. Having logged stage time professionally on and off-Broadway, Kyle has also aided behind the scenes as a music business development and strategy consultant for Sony Music Entertainment, Wynn Las Vegas, and Hard Rock gaming casinos. Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2015 while performing with Disney’s musical production of The Lion King, Kyle began working closely with the endocrinology team at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, where he currently serves as a mentor for a host of kids receiving care. Through his connection with Children’s Hospital, Kyle discovered the challenges that many individuals of color face when attempting to access the latest diabetic technology available for glucose control. In response, Kyle founded the Kyler Cares Foundation, which provides grants for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors, and diabetic education resources for kids and young adults living with this chronic disease. 
Key Highlights:
[00:01 - 06:03] Opening Segment
 How Kyle realized he had diabetes
Kyle’s experience with type 1 diabetes and how it has affected his work as an actor
The difficulties of managing type 1 diabetes while also performing in a show
 [06:04 - 15:19]The Importance of Getting Diabetes Education
 How Kyle’s cast members were supportive when they told them about their diagnosis
His experience transitioning to using a CGM
Why Kyle decided to start an organization to help kids be more successful with their diabetes management
 [15:20 - 25:43] Make Sure Resources Reach Individuals and Families of Color 
 What Kyler Cares organization does and how it works
How the organization is attempting to bridge disparities in technology usage amongst people of color
 [25:44 - 29:38] Closing Statement
 Connect with Kyle through (Instagram), (Facebook), and (Twitter). Make sure to visit (, a nonprofit foundation that provides grants for continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps for children and young adults living with Type 1 Diabetes.
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