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January 18, 2022

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Welcome! This edition of The Dave and Amber show is all about insulin. Both Dave and Amber live with type 1 diabetes and use insulin as their literal "lifeline" in diabetes management. Dave and Amber use different insulin options to manage their diabetes, but both arrive at healthy outcomes. We'll chat about the different types of tools and insulins available, why insulin needs might change and the stigma that exists around insulin therapy.
Let's Talk Insulin!
[00:01 - 03:05] Opening Segment
An overview of Insulin Therapy.
Difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.
Ways to administer insulin.
Basal insulin: long-acting.
Bolus insulin: short-acting.

[04:01 - 18:59] Insulin Therapy
Amber and Dave provide information about different types of insulin.
Amber talks about her experience with insulin therapy.
Cloudy and Clear.
Diabetes technology - Pods.
It can be programmed.
It provides roughly 3 days of continuous insulin delivery.
The pro-active role of insulin users in the insulin management. 
Factors that are taken into account when you need insulin therapy.
Things that can affect the way people with diabetes feel.
Level of stress.
Change of humor.
How people deal with  insulin therapy in public spaces.
The stigma around diabetes.
Advice for people that is non diabetes diagnosed.

[19:00 - 21:28] Closing Segment
How to connect with us.
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Final Words 

Tweetable quotes:
  “I would say, #walkingscienceexperiment, I’ve learnt more about this disease through trial and error. Even though our diagnosis is the same, our management is very different. The patient needs to make the decisions there.” - Amber Clour
“Insulin therapy is great therapy, it is however, a daily science experiment” - Dave Kliff 
 “If you don’t share with your loved ones and people that are touched by this disease, that you are having a bad day, and what that actually means, they are never going to understand.”. - Amber Clour
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