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May 27, 2022

Being a member has its perks… Sign-up to support people living with and touched by diabetes.

Would you know how to handle diabetes when your life is unpredictable? In this episode, our guest is Eric Paslay, a Grammy-nominated country music singer-songwriter, and diabetes educator. He will be sharing his story of being diagnosed with diabetes at the young age of ten and how his diagnosis has shaped him into the person he is today. He also discloses how he has been able to help others with this disease and his experience being active in the diabetes community for many years. Eric encourages people to find something that feeds them and gives them a good life. You don't want to miss this episode since he will be sharing how he become a musician and what this has brought to his life. Listen and enjoy!
Key Highlights:
[00:01 - 05:37] Opening Segment
Eric shares how he was diagnosed with diabetes
How Eric ended up being a singer and songwriter
How his crew supported him when they are on stage
[05:38 - 15:23] It Is Strenuous to Follow A Schedule With Diabetes
How Eric has handled an unpredictable lifestyle with diabetes
How diabetes can affect the way he writes songs
Eric discloses the upcoming music projects
[15:24 - 18:40] Closing Segment
Eric's insights about diabetes and football
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Key Quotes:
"Find something that feeds you, shelters you, and hopefully it gives you a good life." - Eric Paslay
"Your accent and the style in which you record music is based on your zip code." - Eric Paslay
"Everyone has a heart, everyone has a soul, all of us love music, and it affects us in one way or another." - Eric Paslay

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