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May 25, 2022

Being a member has its perks… Sign-up to support people living with and touched by diabetes.

Did you know that colors can help improve the way that diabetes is managed? In this episode, we're talking with Dr. Elizabeth Holt about her journey from practicing medicine to working in the diabetes industry. She is the Head of Global Medical, Clinical, and Safety at LifeScan and will be sharing her experience with color technology and how it has helped people with diabetes better manage their blood sugar levels. We also discuss LifeScan's vision to create a life without limits for people with diabetes and how their mission impacts their work. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how this technology works, this episode is for you!
Key Highlights:
[00:01 - 05:19] Opening Segment
How patients with diabetes interact with technology
Dr. Elizabeth explains why color technology makes it easier for people to understand their blood sugar levels
[05:20 - 14:51] Improving Diabetes Management
Color technology is being used to help improve glucose levels
How technology has helped to improve the way that diabetes is managed
How artificial intelligence could play a role in the future in helping to manage diabetes more effectively
[14:52 - 23:02] Artificial Intelligence Can Assist You In Managing Diabetes
Artificial intelligence can provide predictions about how blood sugar levels will change in the short and long term
Patients with diabetes should embrace technology and learn more about what LifeScan and OneTouch have to offer
Want to connect with Elizabeth Hult? Follow her on (LinkedIn). Head to (OneTouch), and discover a simple way to use colors in managing diabetes!
Key Quotes:
"I'm excited to be part of LifeScan's mission to help deliver the personalized health and wellness experiences that engage people with diabetes and related conditions to live their best lives." - Elizabeth Hult
"If you really want to be a leader, taking care of people with diabetes, technology's an integral part of that." - Elizabeth Hult
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