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Prescription Cost Savings

Options To Save On Prescription Costs

There seems to be endless options offered to save on prescription costs. Highlighted below are Copay Cards, Cash Savings Programs and a link to the free Medicine Assistance Tool (MAT) to help you find the best option to keep cash in your wallet.

Copay Cards

Generally Work With Insurance

What Is a Copay Card?
Copay cards are intended to reduce the total out-of-pocket expense for the patient. When you use a copay card, your health insurance pays some of the cost and then the drug manufacturer pays part or all of the cost you’re responsible for through your copay or coinsurance. 

How Do I Get a Copay Card?
Copay cards are usually accessed through the medication or manufacturer websites and most often require the patient to have insurance. You can also ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist about copay cards for your medications. You will need to register online or call the program to enroll. Once you’re enrolled, they will usually provide a card to print out and bring with you to the pharmacy.

Guidelines for Copay Card Eligibility

For most copay cards, there are 2 main requirements:

  1. You must have commercial or private insurance.

  2. You cannot have government health insurance, such as Medicare or Medicaid

Cash Payment Programs

Do Not Require Insurance

Paying Cash Could Be a Better Option
An alternative to copay cards may be to pay cash. Cash Payment Programs, which lower cash prices on prescriptions may be offered by the manufacturer. Cash payment programs vary by manufacturer, change often and are offered to insured, underinsured and/or uninsured patients.

Does Not Apply to Deductible
Although it might be less expensive to pay cash, take note that cash payments don’t usually count toward your annual drug deductibles. Therefore, patients who choose to pay the lower cash price cash versus using insurance, may take longer to hit their annual deductible. 

Guidelines for Cash Savings Options
Keep the following in mind when deciding on cash payments:
  1. Do not require insurance

  2. Do not apply to deductible


One Click to Find Savings

The resources on the page are not intended as medical advice. This page is provided as a tool to support those touched by diabetes, access to prescribed medications and healthcare options. Feel free to share and use the resources and please message The Diabetes Way if you are aware of additional valuable resources we have failed to include.