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Onto The Street Blog

Suffering in Silence

Since my diagnosis date, I only recall a handful of occasions when I allowed my anger to surface when an uncomfortable situation personally or professionally reared its head. My anxiety or anger sometimes gets the best of me and I’ve always been amazed that my medical team could break down the chemistry of my very being (carb ratios, correction factor, etc), but never addressed my mental mental health. No one ever told me it was okay to be angry!

As an adult, I choose to address the dark rooted fears and feelings of utter universal defeat at times. Sharing my story via the blog(s) and those of other people living with this diabetes on the podcast(s) has fueled my desire to recognize and work through these feelings. I hope our stories help you reach a new level of self acceptance.

When the negative thoughts try to creep in, I face them by practicing the following:

  • Physical activity (long walk, swimming, jogging, etc.).
  • I address the feelings by recognizing them. 
  • I thank the Universe for allowing me to have these feelings.
  • I recognize that I am in control of my thoughts and thoughts can be changed.
  • I turn the negative thoughts into positive affirmations. This can be really tough, but it can be done.

With all that being said, sometimes a good, long, ugly cry with a large glass of vino is what I need. Do whatever it takes to prevent the negative emotions to live rent free in your head AND your mind, your body and your soul will thank you.