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Onto The Street Blog

Out of the clinic

Welcome to the blog that’s taking diabetes Out of The Clinic and onto the street. Like everything we do at The Diabetes Way, our goal and motivation for the blog is to provide those touched by diabetes an inside look at the diabetes lifestyle from a unique, non clinic perspective. 

I have learned how to live my life with diabetes instead of allowing diabetes to define my life. Living with diabetes requires a balance of being focused on both numbers and happiness, managing diabetes thoughtfully enough for our health to thrive but relaxed enough to enjoy our lives. 

From diagnosis, we are bombarded with constant negatives that surround diabetes, the complications, the stigma and the misconceptions. No person with diabetes should spend their days alone in fear or swimming in doubt. We are well able to pursue our passions, achieve goals and venture down fulfilling career paths, it just so happens that we bring diabetes along for the ride. I have raised a family, successfully led businesses, completed four marathons and nine triathlons ALL while living with diabetes. 

I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed having diabetes but I don’t necessarily hate it either. I’ve never felt victim to diabetes nor have I viewed it as a burden. Instead, I’ve learned how to manage diabetes and am excited to have created The Diabetes Way and to share this blog in hopes of supporting everyone touched by diabetes to also feel successful in managing and understating diabetes. 

I hope you’ll find the blog a mix of support and practical education as well as some lighthearted laughs. We’re walking beside you as we take diabetes Out of The Clinic and onto the street!