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Onto The Street Blog

News for the Cleaning Lady

Life has been incredibly busy and my home is a wreck so I took a day off  to deep clean because I know it will help me clear my mind.  

I kicked off this cleaning spree around 10:30am and even put on gym shorts and running shoes. I wanted to be on my game for this day-long adventure.  Around 2pm I realized I had 412 projects going and most of them were about 64% complete.  Bed is stripped and sheets are in the dryer, shower is ready to scrub and dust bunnies are begging for mercy. Unless the bunnies can pay rent, I am evicting them and their friends.

At some point around 2:45pm it dawns on - I'm not completing anything.  DING, DING, DING…  low blood sugar.  This is pre CGM for this gal so I tested. My BG was 62.  Bingo – it all makes sense.  I eat lunch, which I had neglected to do because I was so busy starting new projects. After about 23 minutes, I get back to my cleaning projects in hopes of completing at least a few of them.

I'm happy to report that at 7:14pm, projects were knocked out and my BG was stable. #winning

Bathrooms Spotless – check
Clean Sheets  – check
Floors Swept – check
Food Prepped – check
Grocery List – check
Laundry – check
Blood Sugar – 112