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January 27, 2022

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Welcome back to another edition of the Dave and Amber show! In today’s episode, we would like to update you on our experience since we have traveled after doing the last show. Amber and I will tell you what happened on our trips. Stay tuned until the end, and join us on this journey to know more about the diabetes way! 
[00:01 - 03:00] Opening Segment
An overview of Amber’s and Dave’s last trip.
Fort Worth - One night.
Las Vegas - Four days.
Dave shares some problems that he had with the glucose sensor.
A technical failure.
Dexcom app, Omnipod, Insulin pump.
“Flying blind”
[03:01 - 16:39] Our most recent travel experiences!
The hypoglycemia aware term.
The risks of hypoglycemia.
People who are not hypo aware.
The importance of CGM, and knowing the symptomps.
How Dave manages his condition.
The advantages of insulin pump therapy.
Lifestyle choice.
MDI (Multiple Daily Injection)
Dave provides details about how the Omnipod functions.
It’s necessary to have a backup for all the stuff diabetes people carry on a trip.
Sensors, pods, insulin, etc.
What if your flight gets delayed or cancelled.
Insulin - Insulin delivery system.
Hypo protection.
Perception that people with diabetes have of carbohydrates.
[15:14 -17:01 ] Closing Segment
Amber shares her experience traveling with her friend.
How to connect with us.
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Final Words 
Tweetable quotes:
“ I think the reason for this part two is that even though we both plans, we did everything things happen, and learning how to roll with the punches.” - Amber Clour
“ The pump gave me a lot of freedom. And I've said this for a year. Insulin pump therapy, to me, is not a therapy choice. It's a lifestyle choice.” -  Dave Kliff
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