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February 10, 2022

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Today’s amazing guest is Mike Golic! Mike is a former National Football League (NFL) defensive lineman and television host. Golic has been the main analyst for Westwood One Thursday Night Football and a co-host and analyst for Learfield's College Football Saturday Night since 2021. Golic formerly worked as co-host of ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike and Golic and Wingo from 1995-2020, and also as an ESPN College Football analyst. He was previously an analyst for ESPN and ESPN2's NFL studio programming, as well as for the network's college football coverage.
Golic joined ESPN in 1995 as a reporter/analyst for Sunday NFL Countdown. In 1998, Golic began serving as college football analyst for ESPN and ABC,  and was an original analyst for NFL 2Night (now known as NFL Live), the five-night-per-week news and information program on ESPN2. Golic is also the host of the long-running syndicated sports highlights, bloopers, and gag show called The Lighter Side of Sports. He was an eight-year NFL veteran, playing defensive tackle for the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins. He played in 115 games and five playoff games during his eight seasons in the NFL. He recorded 11.5 sacks and three interceptions in his career. 
Stay tuned until the end of the episode, and join us on this journey to know more about the diabetes way!
[00:01 - 07:11] Opening Segment
A little bit of NFL prediction
Football is Mike’s second nature
Fact: Mike is a Type 2 Diabetes advocate
Mike shares about his journey
A diabetes game plan 
How Mike’s doctor laid out the plan
What forks for you is your plan

[07:11 - 13:06] More into the the diagnosis
Diet or family history?
Being diagnosed with diabetes post NFL
A one-stop digital shot
Everybody needs a customized solution
It is different for everybody
Same same, but different!

[13:07 - 19:03] Correcting misconceptions
“I can’t work out like you work out!”
If you can walk, you can exercise
Moving is where it all starts
How many times does Mike test
Depends on how it works out for you
Identifying the numbers you or someone else got

[19:04 - 20:09] Closing Segment
What Mike wants to tell people
Make it a team effort!
This is where you are, let someone help you
People are there for you!
Don’t have anyone? We have a community
How to connect with us.
Links below 
Final Words 

Tweetable quotes:

“Think of something that you’ve done all your life. That comes to second nature.” - Mike Golic 

“I’m closer to getting a new knee and a new shoulder than I am to being back on the field.” -  Mike Golic 

“Whether you are an athlete or not, we are all dealing with the exact same thing, but it’s just how we deal with it, where our treatment path takes us.” -  Mike Golic 

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