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Diet Soda: The Cure for Diabetes? WRONG!!!

Written By: - May• 13•13

Ok, ok, ok…  So it doesn’t matter if you are a type 1 like me, type 2, or don’t even have diabetes at all.  Soda, diet or not, is BAD FOR YOU!  I’m just as guilty as the next guy, believe me, but it still isn’t going to help any of us.  Studies have proven that people who drink soda are more likely to gain weight (awesome).  Now if you can find a diabetic out there that doesn’t care if they gain weight I would love to meet them!  There is a common myth out there that Diet Coke is linked to diabetes- Myth BUSTED.  Completely false.  What IS true, however, is that the sweetener in diet pop is known to cause up to 30% less kidney function when that person drinks 2 or more cans per day.  Apparently the sweetener may scar the kidney tissue over time.  Now it sounds worse than it is, so don’t plan on having organ failure any time soon from drinking a can or two.  To make you even feel better, people that drink 2 or more cans per day are also at a 50% higher risk for obesity.  How “sweet” is that???  If you are anything like me and most everyone I know, do you really feel good after drinking a bottle of pop anyway?  Especially more than that???  I personally feel like a pregnant lady, but maybe that’s just me.  B-L-O-A-T-E-D!

Again, I’m no angel with pop by ANY means, but if anything just try to tone it down at least.  Drink your water people!  If it is too drastic of a change for you, check the other options.  There are plenty of substitutes out there to try instead.  Mio is a good one for starters.  It is a small bottle that you can actually fit in your pocket to carry around and squirt the flavoring into any glass or bottle of water.  Walmart has the Great Value brand a bit cheaper that tastes exactly the same.  There are plenty of tea choices on the market now to get that caffeine kick for a while to keep the headaches away while you start cutting out the soda.  Juice is another good and healthy option, even as a replacement for your cocktails.  I have a casual cocktail or 4 a few times a month, always using diet pop.  Do i think it will kill me?  Nah, but make sure you are watching what you mix it with!  I will be doing a study soon on different alcohols and how they affect blood sugars.  Really going to hate that test….  :)  Stay Sweet!

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