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Ok, so here is my lil spot where you can find out about who I am and what I am doing on here.  My name is Jade Pergande.  I currently live in Fargo, ND (yes, like the movie).   I am a salesman for Sysco Foods and have been there for almost 10 years now.  I was born January 14, 1980 and have been living life ever since!

Hobbies - I am kind of an adrenaline and challenge junkie.  I have trained, fought and reffed MMA for about 8 years now, and love everything about it.  Obviously i have an addiction to tattoos as you can see above.  If you ever wonder if you should get one, i can answer it for you….  YES!  Let’s see….  I basically love to play all sports, even the ones I know I’m not very good at, ha ha.   If there is one thing I would die without, it would have to be music.  Everything from Timberlake, Fun, Incubus, Tool and even a lil country now and then!  Music helps everyone through something at some point in their lives.  Now I figured I would try the whole blogging thing to see if I can help some people out that are new to diabetes, or have battled in the trenches for a few years like me.  There are a lot of questions, that in my opinion, can be answered better by other diabetics than by a doctor.

Diabetes - Here is the reason we are both on this site….  In 2002, I left my normal 22 year old life in search of something different.  I was on the road to become the first United States Marine Corps grad in my family.  Two months into boot camp I noticed that I was constantly tired, urinating a ton, and could eat like a horse.  When I left home for this journey, I was by no means over weight or unfit, yet I was starting to lose a considerable amount of weight.   I knew something wasn’t right with me, but I figured I only had a few weeks until graduation so I would battle through it until I got home on leave.  After my 3 month “fun hell” was over, I was sent home for a short break before going back to California for schooling.  Within a few days of being back I scheduled an appointment to see what was going on with my body, nothing in my head giving me any thoughts of what it could be.  A few hours later I had a doctor in front of me telling me that I had Type I Diabetes, and that my blood sugar at that time was a whopping 706!!!  Long story short, here I am 11 years later, determined that this pain in the arse (I don’t see it as a disease, only a small hill to climb) will not keep me from living any other way than what I have always lived.  I have been through all of the ups and downs, and I hope that I can help you through your struggles and questions, as well as anyone else reading this blog.