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The Only Bad Question...

Is The One You Didn't Ask

No Such Thing as a Bad Question! Whether you've been diagnosed with diabetes or have been touched by diabetes supporting someone you love, diabetes comes with A LOT of questions. We're 100% certain that if you have a question- someone else has been wondering too...

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Q: Is there anywhere I can donate my extra Trulicity?

A: This is such a great question and so thoughtful to think of others. There are so many people living with diabetes who are in need of medication and supplies. Prescription medications can be tricky to donate because they are medications prescribed to an individual. 

The best option would be to check with local diabetes organizations Like the ADA and JDRF as well as local clinics and diabetes education centers as they are usually specific to each city/area. You might even start with your own physician/clinic. Accepted diabetes supplies vary by organization and vary from lancets to insulin pumps. It never hurts to ask!

To find a local chapter of the American Diabetes Association click here

To find a local JDRF chapter click here

You can also check with local animal shelters!

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