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July 6, 2022

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Have you ever had the opportunity to attend The ADA Conference? In this episode, Dave and Amber share their experience going to this conference and why they found it to be very different from what they were expecting. They also disclose how they enjoyed learning about the progress made in treatments for diabetes as well as smaller companies that are progressing towards solving diabetes problems in innovative ways. Let's dive in!
Key Highlights:
[00:01 - 06:06] Opening Segment
• An overview of The Diabetes Conference
• Amber's reactions to her first time attending the conference
• Why Amber enjoyed seeing research that showed progress being made in the fight against diabetes
[06:07 - 11:52] Understand What Patients Go Through Every Day
• The author found the poster section overwhelming but also very interesting.
• Why there is a need for more researchers like those they met at the conference
• Why physicians don't have as much control over patient care now as they used to
[11:53 - 17:58] The Complexity of Diabetes
• Dave and Amber's outlook on the fact that there is still no cure for diabetes
• Life is getting easier for patients with diabetes
More thought is been put into the design process of medical devices.

• The diabetes community needs a moneymaker
[17:58 - 18:09] Closing Segment
• Dave and Amber talk about the upcoming episode and video podcast
Key Quotes:
"We have great tools right now. We have good devices. We have good drugs. But nobody talks about patient access." - David Kliff
"Diabetes is a very complex disease. It comes in all shapes and sizes." - David Kliff
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