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January 19, 2022

Being a member has its perks… Sign-up to support people living with and touched by diabetes.

Welcome to another edition of the Dave and Amber show! There is no doubt that diabetes brings a lot of baggage, so we've devoted this episode to ALL the gear! We'll share our thoughts on all things diabetes that we deem as essential, and how to tote it all around in a safe, organized and purposeful way. We hope some of our ideas, tips and tricks are helpful in managing your diabetes gear while living The Diabetes Way!
[00:01 - 05:13] Opening Segment
An overview of Diabetes Ger.
MDI Therapy (Multiply Daily Injections)
Amber and Dave describe what they carry around in their bags.
Examples of what people with diabetes need: syringes, insulin pen needles, alcohol swabs, etc.
People that carry emergency glucagon.
Blood pressure.
How to administer it: injected, nasal spray.

[05:14 - 24:55] Diabetes Gear
Test blood sugar: Glucometer, lancing device, continuous glucose monitor (CGM).
The importance of having an accurate reading.
Understanding the carbohydrate intake.
Some apps provide an estimated carb value.
How insulin should be stored and factors  that can affect its function.
Level of heat.
The use of coolers.
There are different types of CGM (continuous glucose monitor)
FreeStyle Libre.
Medical ID bracelets.
Patients that also use continuous glucose monitors do not necessarily use insulin.
The emergency kit of a person with diabetes vs a non-diabetes person.
Traditional insulin pump.
Omnipod insulin pump.
The role of companies in the marketplace.
Diabetes friendly.

[24:56 - 26:56] Closing Segment
How to connect with us.
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Final Words 

Tweetable quotes:
“ But, and I think one of the things we're, we're saying to these people who don't have diabetes, prior touched by it, you know, they can be a big help to us.” - Dave Kliff
“You don't talk about it. And it was great, because I think that let me know that they had some compassion for what I was going through. But also I really appreciated them asking because it gave me an opportunity to educate them” - Amber Clour
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