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January 18, 2022

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Welcome to the Dave and Amber show! In today’s podcast we're excited to share our experiences living with diabetes and chat about our hopes for the podcast! We are excited to have a space for both people living with diabetes and their loved ones to learn more about and share tools, tips and tricks key to living The Diabetes Way! We hope you learn, laugh and enjoy each episode along with us! 
Let’s talk!
[00:01 - 04:00] Opening Segment
I introduce Amber Clour to the show
Amber gives a little bit of her background
The experience with diabetes.
The Diabetes Daily Grind project.
The impact of diabetes on a daily basis.·  

[04:01 - 20:16] A Lifestyle with Diabetes
Amber and Dave talk about their experience with diabetes.
The emotions involved when you are first diagnosed.
The perspective that people have of diabetes.
The lifestyle of a kid with diabetes.
Examples of what people diagnosed with diabetes have to deal with.
The role of social media and platforms providing information about this disease.
The factors that encourage them to do more research about diabetes.
The visibility that diabetes has nowadays.
Amber and Dave explain the subjects that will be covered in future episodes.
Mental health components of this disease.
Decisions that people with diabetes should make daily.

[20:17 - 22:45] Closing Segment
Expectations for future episodes.
How to connect with us.
Links below 
Final Words 

Tweetable quotes:
  “I feel the person that I’m today, I don’t know what I would be like if I hadn’t grown up with type 1 diabetes”. Amber Clour
“I think what people would learn from us and our guests is to have a better appreciation of: Hey! Yes, this is a chronic disease, but it is manageable. It’s a kind of roller coaster”. - Dave Kliff 
 “We are patients with diabetes, and we want you to understand what our life is like because the more you understand, the better you can help us. That’s all that matters”. - Dave Kliff
Resources Mentioned: (The Diabetes Daily Grind Blog.) (The Diabetes Daily Grind Podcast.) (Diabetic Investor) (The Wacky World of Diabetes )

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