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February 19, 2022

Being a member has its perks… Sign-up to support people living with and touched by diabetes.

It takes a village to help someone live with a chronic disease. Thankfully, there are great solutions keeping patients and their family informed and included in their diabetes journey, just like Lifescan’s OneTouch Solution. Today, we’ll have Lisa Rose to give us more light to this amazing tool.
Lisa is responsible for the LifeScan and OneTouch brands, patient-centered innovation and company expansion. Working cross-functionally and with our partners, Lisa is leading the successful commercialization of digital health platforms and new continuous glucose monitoring technologies. With over 20 years of marketing leadership experience, Lisa has a robust legacy of growing iconic global brands and launching impactful consumer and med-tech products and services.
Most recently, Lisa was the Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer for Vyaire Medical responsible for growing the respiratory business with innovative new products and leading the Marketing, Business Development, R&D, Regulatory Affairs and Medical Affairs organizations. Previously, as Divisional Vice President, Head of Global Marketing for Abbott Diagnostics, Lisa led blockbuster global platform and professional services launches, and built a market-leading brand reputation. Prior to her tenure with Abbott, Lisa spent 15 years in senior marketing leadership roles across a number of different businesses with Novartis and Procter & Gamble. Lisa started her career in sales and holds her MBA and B.A. from the University of Michigan.
Stay tuned until the end of the episode, and join us on this journey to know more about the diabetes way!

[00:01 - 04:43] Opening Segment
What Lisa does at LifeScan
How did Lisa got to where she is
Fact: Lisa does not have diabetes
A playbook for those who have it and those around them
We need more personalization!

[04:44 - 10:53] A Digital Health exchange
A health-tech solution
where many solutions tie together
Under the umbrella of one-touch solutions
Let Lifescan help you with more insights
How is Lisa touched by someone’s diabetes story
People don’t understand them

[10:54 - 17:21] ‘This world is not for us’
Making sure your family understands your burdens
A mental health support
How is the app constructed
Visit their website and sign-up!
If you can’t afford a monthly subscription, there’s a deal for you too!
Lisa and their company’s target market
The hard group to reach out

[17:22 - 18:58] Closing Segment
How to connect with us.
Links below 
Final Words 

Resource Mentioned: (One Touch Solutions)

Tweetable quotes:

“Everybody is at a different point in their journey and what works for one person is not always going to work for another person.” - Amber Clour

“We are excited to bring the conversation out in the open.” -  Lisa Rose

“At Lifescan we are inspired to want to help people from the standpoint of bringing more conversation into the open. It’s an epidemic level kind of disease where unfortunately more and more people are diagnosed by it.” -  Lisa Rose

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