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February 9, 2022

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Touchdown! Welcome back to the Dave and Amber show. In this episode, Dave and Amber will chat about common misconceptions that surround people living with diabetes and how they "play defense" in challenging those ideals on a daily basis. They'll also share insights about how they "tackle"' the grandest food fest of all, the Super Bowl party! It's great to have you with us on this journey in understanding more about The Diabetes Way!
Let’s get this party started!
[00:01 - 03:07] Opening Segment
It’s the superbowl season - again!
How are y'all holding up, peeps?
The dreadful misconceptions with what we can and cannot eat
Don’t get us mistaken - we are VERY grateful!
Amber shares what she doesn’t like about what we eat

[03:08 - 14:05] There are so much misconceptions with food
We all eat differently
The 3 times regimen for some people 
We all do life differently
People with diabetes always think what they can eat 
What people who don’t have diabetes needs to understand
The stress and adrenaline
Let us live our diabetes our way! …please
You are responsible about your diabetes
Let others know
What Amber and David is doing differently

[14:06 - 15:24] Closing Segment
How to connect with us.
Links below 
Final Words 

Tweetable quotes:
“It’s up to us to play around with diet and all the other things. That’s a personal choice. I’m in charge of this body and I’m doing the best I can. Things mess up, but you gotta take charge.” - Amber Clour

“We really can eat anything we want. The question is, what does it do to you?” -  Dave Kliff

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