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April 19, 2022

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We know that being diagnosed with diabetes is overwhelmed and stressful, but are you making sure to surround yourself with people that support you through this path? Today, we will be talking with our incredible guest, Nadia Al-Samarrie,  who was diagnosed with diabetes and has experienced it firsthand. She shares her story about how her relationships have helped her manage diabetes and how she's learned to incorporate more healthy foods into her diet. She also discusses the importance of having a support system, and how being able to talk to others who have diabetes can be very helpful in managing the disease. Let’s dig into her diabetes journey!
Key Highlights:
[00:00 - 07:22] Opening Segment 
Nadia shares her journey and experience with diabetes
Why she decided to start a radio show 
Nadia’s insights about CGM technology and financial barriers 
[07:23 - 14:39] Nadia’s Cooking Project 
How people can deal with someone that has been diagnosed with diabetes
Nadia’s experience discovering her diet allows her to eat her favorite foods without consequences
Advice for someone with diabetes who has friends who don't have intimate knowledge of the disease
 [14:39 - 21:10] Living a Healthy and Happy Life With Diabetes 
Why diabetes is a lifelong illness that can be managed with proper diet and exercise
The importance of having different people in your life with diabetes
Nadia shares her journey going to diabetes socials and groups 
[21:10 - 24:31] Closing Statement 
Check out Nadia’s book: (Sugar Happy), and learn about diabetes and how to control it
Connect with Nadia through (LinkedIn), ( Instagram), (Facebook,) (YouTube), and (Twitter). Head to (Diabetes Health), a website where you can investigate, inform and inspire.
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Tweetable quotes:
"Most of the work that we do is that we're interested in helping people create change in their lives." - Nadia Al-Samarrie
"Don't tell people with diabetes what to do.” - Nadia Al-Samarrie
“You don't want to get into an ego battle with whomever you're with that has diabetes." - Nadia Al-Samarrie

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