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April 20, 2022

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As a person who has been diagnosed with type one diabetes, are you really aware of the real challenges that you face, as opposed to the challenges that you brushed under the rug or exaggerate? Our today’s guest, Dr. Mark Heyman, will show us how we can leave with action,  change our mindset to become much more free and flexible, and do what we want regardless of the stress and anxiety we experience.
Dr. Mark Heyman is a diabetes psychologist and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. He is the CEO of the Center for Diabetes & Mental Health (CDMH) in San Diego. He is passionate about providing diabetes education and evidence-based mental health treatment and online programs to people with diabetes. Mark received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from The George Washington University and completed his psychology internship at the UCSD School of Medicine. He is the host of (The Diabetes Psychologist Podcast) and the author of Diabetes Sucks and You Can Handle It: Your Guide to Managing the Emotional Challenges of T1D. 
If you want to gain a deeper understanding of why diabetes does such, this episode is definitely for you!
[00:01 - 05:25] Opening Segment
Mark shares his diabetes journey
His journey being diagnosed when he was in his third year at UCLA
His experience realizing he had type one diabetes before doing the trip to Paris

[05:26 - 20:02] Diabetes does suck 
The biggest issues Mark deals with in his work
People have a fear of lows, have trouble adjusting to life and have relationships problems
Mark’s outlook on why people should give CGM a try
Why there are people who don’t trust a CGM
How diabetes can get in the way of relationships
How to help patients who don’t have insurance or have high deductible insurance plans

[20:03 - 30:15] The Real Challenges of Type One Diabetes
Mark introduces his upcoming book “Diabetes Sucks And You Can Handle It”
A guide to managing the emotional challenges of type one diabetes
The difference between people diagnosed with type one and type two
How you can bring diabetes people back down to a calm place
Being aware of your experience in the present moment without judging it

[30:16 - 30:30] Closing Segment
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