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March 8th Save the Date for Happy Hour!

The Diabetes Way is excited to be hosting the very first (of hopefully many…) Real Life Diabetes happy hours! Join us March 8th at the Pacific Beach Ale House  in Sunny San Diego for snacks, drinks and of course some good laughs and great conversation. Oh, and don’t forget the fresh air and incredible views! We’ll be there at 5pm and stay until the sun sets and the conversation runs out…

Like everything we do at The Diabetes Way, our goal is to bring together and support everyone touched by diabetes in a lighthearted way. The event is a zero pressure, no strings attached, casual evening of celebrating life, having fun and living well!  We’d be honored to see you there! 

Cheers in advance! 

The Team at TDW 
Dave, Amber, Kori & Cynthia