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A Numbers Game that Leaves Diabetes on the Sidelines

Diabetes and the numbers often come with a certain amount “madness” but we’re benching all that for some light hearted March Madness competition! The Diabetes Way co-founders, Dave and Amber are going head to head to see who has their numbers game down in predicting the NCAA basketball outcomes. Here’s how Dave, the self proclaimed March Madness expert, and Amber, who’s a bit more basketball “b-team”, arrived at their picks. 

Amber’s “it’s in the cards” Strategy-
“I'm a Capricorn, insanely competitive and had quite the winning streak in college... It's game time! My strategy is simple - I pick teams who are based in cities I have visited or would like to visit. I look forward to celebrating my win over David, the numbers guy”.  #braggingrights

David’s “I know the numbers” Strategy- 
“I went to Illinois and they were damn good. If we’re on our game we can beat anybody. It is a no brainer, I’m a University of Illinois alumni and that’s my pick”. 

How do you make your picks? From buzzer beaters to three pointers, take your best “shot” at naming the victor in The Diabetes Way March Madness bracket. You’ll earn some WayBucks and maybe even some bragging rights! 

You'll earn 25 WayBucks for just playing, you'll get 50 WayBucks for beating either Dave or Amber, and you'll get a whopping 1000 WayBucks for winning the whole thing, 750 WayBucks for 2nd place, and 500 WayBucks for 3rd place.

Good luck!

Make your picks HERE

Then come back and let us know who you think will win, by filling in our survey here.